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Curiosity and creativity are fundamental driving forces in human development. Innovation is the key for Progress, through innovation we change the world. Mankind is unique in its capability to impact the environment.

The main threats to Sustainable Development - climate change, growing population and waste volume, finite fossil resources and social instability, require substantial changes in the way we produce and consume goods. Otherwise we are putting our future standard of living at Risk.

Industry, with its ability to innovate, can offer solutions that contribute to tackling these threats. The extended utilization of Renewable Raw Materials, such as starch, sugar, vegetable oil or agricultural residues, in industrial processes and products is a key step in this direction. Nature provides well-performing products without raising any environmental problem. Innovation in biotechnology, chemistry and process technology is opening the door to a biobased, sustainable economy.

Commercial products made from RRM need to meet economical and technical requirements. Economics and Performance are the drivers to  market success. Biobased High Tech Products with reduced environ-mental impact serve future needs and offer many Market Opportunities.

"The products of the future shall use less resources, have lower impacts and risks to the environment, and prevent waste at the conception stage"

Central Aim of the EU "Integrated Product Policy" (taken from the green paper 2001)

Use the opportunity and become a green business leader. We support pioneers.


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