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Green Polymer Products


Biobased / Biodegradable polymers:

Starchblends, starch compounds, foamed starch, Polyester, Polyesteramide, Polyamide (Nylons), Polylactidacid (PLA), Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHB/PHV), Polyurethanes, Cellophane, Celluloseacetate, Chitin, Chitosan, etc.

Fiber Reinforced Compounds:

Bio-Compounds with natural fibers e.g. wood, flax, hemp etc.
in a biodegradable / compostable / durable matrix;


Extruded sheets / films, bags, sacks, nets, trays, containers, flowpack, loose fill, service packaging, shopping bags, catering articles, plates, cups, cutlery, etc.


Agricultural films, e.g. mulch films;

Horticultural articles, plant pots, burial articles;
Products of daily use: Toys, writing materials, pens, advertising articles,
give-aways; hygiene articles, biowaste bags, etc.
Construction & insulation materials, binders, yarns;
Automotive, e.g. interior lining for cars;
Fibers: Textiles, fabrics, carpets, woven & non-wovens,
substitutes for glasfiber reinforced materials
Additives, fillers, inks, colors, labels, lids, functional components
and many more...



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