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Our History and Approach

narocon had been founded in 1997. It was a consequent step derived from previous work: The decision was taken after a period of five years gaining expertise in many projects, which aimed at an increased use of renewable raw materials for industrial processes and new products. Since 1992 the work of Harald Kaeb concentrated on this promising sector.

Being a pioneer in this area narocon early recognised the importance of networking. narocon developed direct links to a wide variety and a big number of players on all continents. The strategy of an integrated vertical approach, covering all levels of a product life, is an asset today. From raw materials to recovery, from research to marketing and distribution, from chemical processes to finished products - narocon developed valuable know how in industrial projects and collaborations. We investigated and analysed successes as well as failures since more than 10 years.
Our experience made us real experts in this sector.

Biobased products are not only an opportunity for the industry: Policy makers and governments also started to setting up a framework that promotes industrial sustainable development. The legislative impact will grow for many reasons. narocon is in close contact with decision makers, we performed studies for public commissioners. This is another asset that we are able to use in strategic consulting.

narocon innovation consulting provides horizontal and vertical expertise for the development of a green product business.

We are highly flexible to customer demands through our network of freelance experts.


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